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27-28 March 2024 Ege University

The sixth International Instructional Technologies in Engineering Education Symposium will be held both online and face-to-face on March 27-28 in the conference hall of Ege University Civil Engineering Department. Participation and abstract submission are free of charge.

The 6th IITEE will enable discussions of current issues that stand out in the field, thanks to the effective integration of online creativity techniques and instructional technologies in different engineering fields.

Thanks to the huge demand for Information Communication Technologies and higher education in today's technology-focused global ecosystem, educational environments and higher education institutions are diversified; however, with easier access to information, young people's learning skills have changed, their interest in visual subjects has increased, and their attention span has shortened. All these changes made it inevitable to renew the training programs and contents. One of the most important factors affecting the quality of Education in Engineering is the ability of engineering professors to use principles, methods and technology effectively in their courses. Therefore, the most important objective of the International Symposium of Instructional Technologies in Engineering Education is to provide an initiative to share, discuss and apply the latest developments in educational technologies to train competent engineers.

The 6th IITEE is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, of which Ege University is a partner;

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The first day morning session will feature the "TECCHED: Designing a Technology-enhanced Climate Change Education Curriculum" project, funded by the Bulgarian National Agency. An enriched book, which is part of the project's comprehensive approach, will be introduced for the first time and the content presentation event will be held. This project aims to prepare a technology-supported climate change education curriculum that targets the character and value development of teacher candidates for teacher education programs.Information about the content of the projects can be obtained from

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The second day morning session will feature the “FIT4FUTURE: Far-Future Strategy Development for STEM Higher Education Teachers” project, funded by the Portuguese National Agency. The third multiplier event of this project,"FIT4FUTURE Long-term forecasting for the future" will be held. The primary goal of the Fit4future project is to prepare an innovative curriculum within the relevant scope to provide knowledge and skills to academics teaching in STEM fields within a long-term strategic management perspective. On the other hand, Fit4future aims to increase the employment of students who will work in high-tech companies after graduation.Information about the content of the projects can be obtained from


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